Welcome to the blog of Divinum Barcelona

Welcome to the blog of Divinum Barcelona!

In this space the team of sommeliers of Divinum Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with the rest of the team, will inform you of all the news and information that we consider relevant in the world of wine, distilled spirits and gastronomy in general.

As we have let you know more than once, our passion for this world is such that we are not satisfied with only offering you our finest products, but we also want to transmit what for us is something more than a drink or a meal: it’s tradition, it’s culture, it’s landscape, it’s history.

It is a reflection of our idiosyncrasies, of what we are today, of what we have been and what we will be in the future.

That is why from this blog we want to create an informative and educational space about the world of wine, spirits and gastronomy where you can learn, keep up, entertain and debate about this world.

Therefore, here you will find current articles, relevant news, product tastings, announcements about events, related practical information … And much more!

From now on, we want to create a debate space where you can comment on these issues, we can think and debate and create a great community where we can learn all from all.

With nothing more to add, we just have to encourage you to follow us closely as we will be in constant movement, and if you want to be aware of all our news, do not hesitate to follow us through social networks.


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